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HTMLHyperText Markup Language (and file extension)
HTMLHot Metal (HTML editor software)
HTMLHow to Make Love
HTMLHigh Temperature Materials Laboratory (US DoE ORNL)
HTMLHyper Text Markup Language
HTMLHow to Make Laughs
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Rich-thin client solutions build upon standard HTML by including object-oriented, visual and nonvisual components delivered as JavaScript classes.
It is not limited to a fixed number of tags, as is HTML. XML does not require using a DTD, plus new elements and attributes for use within documents can be defined.
The first involves converting an existing Word document to an HTML document, by first selecting File on Word's menu bar, then selecting either:
Designers who have a working knowledge of HTML tags and who frequently use a select set of colors, form elements and other design tools will appreciate this program even more.
Formal publishers will thus have a mechanism for distributing typographically complex, SGML-encoded, materials while occasional or less formal publishing will benefit from the simpler idiom that HTML affords.
When using JSP, for example, web developers and software engineers have to work together on a single file where the "look and feel" is in HTML and the presentation logic is in Java, complicating development.
However, XHTML documents can also be viewed by existing HTML 4.0-compliant browsers and other user agents.