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HTNHealthy Teen Network (Baltimore, MD)
HTNHelp the Needy
HTNHospitality Training Network (Sydney, Australia)
HTNHome Theatre Network
HTNHarvest The Net
HTNHigh Blood Pressure
HTNHughes Television Network
HTNHierarchical Task Network
HTNHistotechnology (program of study)
HTNHealth Transaction Network Inc. (Canada)
HTNHeroes of the Nation (Redding, CA)
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It is estimated that only one in five of the additional adults now classified as having HTN will need medications.
According to data collected from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 2011-2012, the prevalence of HTN among African-American adults was 42.
Therefore, the subcommittee decided to maintain a statistical definition for childhood HTN.
The prevalence of HTN is highest in low-income countries compared to middle income and high-income countries as public health interventions have reduced its prevalence in many high-income countries.
Epidemiological studies to assess the prevalence of HTN are essential to plan preventive strategies and promote the health of these populations.
Business will continue as usual for HTNs towers which will be smoothly consolidated into the IHS network and linked with IHS's high-tech
According to a data from the World Health Organization, HTN and cerebro- vascular accident are an emerging health problem in the developing countries and it has been estimated that from 1990-2020, cerebrovascular mortality will be much higher in the developing countries as compared to the developed countries of the world5.
Successful evacuation by capsulotomy resulted in improved HTN and normal renal function.
Proteinuric HTN is associated with extensive placental infarction resulting in intrauterine growth restriction.
Despite the recognition of uncontrolled HTN as a significant public health problem, a significant proportion of individuals living with HTN do not have optimal blood pressure control.
sup][1],[2] As estimated, the prevalence of HTN is approaching 40% globally, [sup][3] and in China, from the year of 2002 to 2010, the prevalence of HTN increased from nearly 20% to 40%.
Risk factors for essential HTN continue to be researched.