HTNSHorse Trials Nova Scotia (Canada)
HTNSHigh Temperature Nomex Silicone (tubing)
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Some video games make use of STRIPS rules and HTNs for planning the actions of nonolayer characters (NPCs).
The HTNS eventually found common ground with other political actors.
Thus, when MOVE asserted in the magazine that the expressway would be harmful to the kind of downtown "we want"--namely, a space in which to "live work, and enjoy ourselves on a 24-hour basis" (MOVE, 1971: 3)--it was a clear transcription of the amenity-centred vision that two of its member groups (the HTNS and HDBA) had been advancing on their own.
by HTNS, were of legal age at the time they were hired.
Some researchers formalize this hierarchy into the well-defined structure of a hierarchical task network (HTN), which contains tasks, their ordering, and methods for achieving them.
The learned HTNs need to be flexible enough that they are not overly sensitive to initial conditions or other specifics of the source game and don't need to be planned in detail from start to finish.
A related approach to learning HTNs is described by Hogg, Munoz-Avila, and Kuter (2008).
Hierarchical task network (HTN) planners: SHOP is an HTN planner that uses a novel left-to-right plan-elaboration scheme.
However, the resulting specification was complex, and it would have been time consuming to adapt existing HTN planners to it.
The SHOP algorithm is a hierarchical task network (HTN) planning algorithm, but it differs from other HTN planning algorithms in that SHOP plans for tasks in the same order that they will be executed.