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HTOHappy to Oblige
HTOHigh Temperature Oxidation
HTOHigh Tibial Osteotomy
HTOTritiated Water
HTOHuman, Technology and Organization
HTOHudson Trail Outfitters (various locations)
HTOHigh-Tech Offensive (Bayern; software)
HTOHalal Transactions of Omaha (Omaha, NE)
HTOHellenic Telecommunications Organisation SA (Greece)
HTOHostile Take Over
HTOHard to Operate (vehicle repair)
HTOHorizontal Take-Off
HTOHydrogen Tritium Oxygen
HTOHospital Transfer Order
HTOHighway Transportation Officer
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En otra investigacion se obtuvieron niveles de RGR de 7,55[+ o -]1,02 y 6,53[+ o -]0,81 T/l; HTO de 34,00[+ o -]5,90 y 33,10[+ o -]4,00% y HB de 10,70[+ o -]1,30 y 10,80 [+ o -]1,41 g/dl, para grupos de bubalinos de raza Murrah de 9 meses a 2 anos y mayores de 2 anos, de la region del Amazonas (11) .
Four populations were selected (TE, HTO, PTO and MT), collected along a transect in the northeast-southeast direction of the city of Trujillo and evaluated following the WHO methodology.
Figure 3 b shows experimental results and the fits obtained with HTO in FEBEX bentonite compacted at two different dry densities.
The postoperative regimen was the same as for lateral closing wedge HTO described above.
If the HTO participants are exempt from federal income taxation under [sections] 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, the HTO must be structured so as not to affect adversely that tax-exempt status.
Tar Sands, like HTO, also took advantage of the second key to better sales: cover a local issue.
Conversion of a failed HTO to a TKR presents technical challenges not generally encountered in primary arthroplasty.
The subject of the research project is to provide warranty service laboratory techniques work OKB, HTO and microbiology - a contract for an indefinite period.
COMBINISO aims at making use of innovative methods combining measurements of the 5 major water isotopes (H217O, H218O, HTO, HDO, H2O) and global modelling to address the following key points: