HTOSHouston Theatre Organ Society (Texas)
HTOSHigh Throughput Organic Synthesis (chemistry)
HTOSHouston Tinplate Operators Society, Inc. (Houston, TX)
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Many biologists and managers are already doing this and have developed tremendous sensitivity and understanding over years of working with HTOs and local hunters.
Open-wedge high tibial osteotomy (HTO) is easier to perform and is more adjustable for alignment correction than closed-wedge HTO; also it has the advantage of avoiding the complications associated with closed-wedge HTO, such as peroneal nerve palsy [1, 2].
For these reasons, the Baker Lake Hunters and Trappers Organization (HTO) has called for mining and exploration to be banned in caribou calving and post-calving grounds, as well as areas of high cultural value, before the Kiggavik uranium mine is approved.
HTOS hopes to create a network of local organisations, including community groups, sports and social clubs to welcome refugees.
"The HTOS group is responsible for making analogs of potential drug molecules using automation and standardized chemistries in an array format to produce organic compounds at a much faster rate than would be possible by a typical bench chemist," Sowin explains.
The postoperative regimen was the same as for lateral closing wedge HTO described above.
In the case of narwhal, the Government of Canada retains collaboration with the NWMB, Inuit organizations (Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, HTOs, and RWOs), and others (Fig.
HTOs typically take the form of either a JOA or a holding company model.
To discuss research objectives, recruitment, and wages, we met face to face with HTOs in all communities except Arviat, where these discussions took place by telephone.
Through support from local HTOs in Cape Dorset, Coral Harbour, and Sanikiluaq, I am examining the same harvested birds used for parasitological assessment.
A closer look at the NLCA document would have revealed that the federal government had made no financial commitment to fund either the RWOs or the HTOs and, because these are not part of the GN's public government structure, but considered Inuit-only organizations, the GN Department of Environment chose not to integrate them.
These findings are similar to those emerging from a study by Pauktuutit, the national Inuit women's organization, which found that only 9% of the elected positions on local hunters and trappers' organizations (HTOs) in Nunavut were held by women (CBC News, 2006).