HTPHighest Takes Precedence (stage lighting)
HTPHack the Planet
HTPHigh Tensile Polymer
HTPHigh Temperature Paper (candle wicking)
HTPHard Target Penetrator
HTPHail to Pitt (fight song; University of Pittsburgh)
HTPHydrostatic Test Pressure
HTPHardness Test Plan
HTPHighway Traffic Point
HTPHot Test Procedure
HTPHigh Tech Performance (Counter-Strike team)
HTPHigh Tenacity Polyester
HTPHeim_Tier & Pflanze (trade show; Germany)
HTPHigh-Test Peroxide
HTPHigh Temperature and Pressure
HTPHired Truck Program (Chicago, IL)
HTPHold the Phone
HTPHome Theater Package
HTPHannovers Telefon Partner GmbH (German telephone operating company)
HTPHummelstown, Pennsylvania
HTPHigh Torque Performance (car engine)
HTPHigh Tech Plastics (various locations)
HTPHigh Technology Park
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An esteemed consultant garnering over thirty years of professional experience, Jenny founded HTP Consulting in 2012.
2m of capital spending, related to construction activity as a result of HTP supported projects, and this supported more than 260 full-time jobs in Wales during construction.
Llandudno Museum, the Great Orme Country Park Visitor Centre and the Great Orme Ancient Mines which have also received funding for improvements through the Our Heritage Scheme within the HTP have also seen one of their busiest summers on record, pulling in more than 86,000 visitors collectively.
HTP requires great care in handling and must only be allowed to come into contact with compatible materials, even then storage tanks, pipe work and valves must be specially cleaned and prepared.
In this collaboration, HTP tools from the coatings and consumer products workflows were modified to prepare and screen hundreds of cleaning formulations for the application of surface cleaning fine art acrylic paints.
HTP Advocate helps the healthcare provider to identify the optimal payment path for patients through an automated, Web-based solution that uses a range of hospital, third-party and government data to assess each patient's insurance coverage, financial resources and ability to pay.
Over the past 4 years, HTP has helped us to grow our business and increase the value we bring to our clients by unlocking the financial benefits of an EDI workflow while also meeting HIPAA requirements," said Renee Haas, vice president of EBMC.
UHIN contracted with HTP in 2001 to create an information platform that would allow healthcare providers and health plans throughout the state to exchange secure electronic patient information.
Shealy takes over the CEO role from Co-founder Dennis Swartzlander, who remains chairman of the HTP Board of Directors.
The most effective RHIOs will not only facilitate the exchange of healthcare information between institutions and practitioners, but also between the insurance companies, third-party administrators and government healthcare organizations that pay for patient care," said HTP CEO Ray Shealy.
HTP's software enables secure information exchange among healthcare providers, health plans and Regional Healthcare Information Organizations (RHIOs)," said HTP President Ray M.
Through collaboration with MCO, HTP targets annual sales of 30 units in three years.