HTPBHydroxy-Terminated Polybutadiene (Polymer, propellant)
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530 km/s) of FTNPEM was equal or greater than HTPB propellant (D=3~4km/s) and civil HAN explosive (D=4km/s).
Bai, Study on preparation of civil explosive HAN with discarded HTPB propellant, Explos.
In adhesives for automobile manufacture, which bond various materials and composites to one another, HTPB helps make it possible to use plastics efficiently and safely in automobile construction.
The rubber used in the experiment is HTPB obtained from Zibo Qilu Chemicals Co.
Appreciated amounts of HTPB (in mass fraction) were dissolved in butyl acetate and mixed with BADCy and 0.
Visco-elastic effects are pronounced in the plasticized Estane and the plasticized HTPB at 23[degrees]C, and 3-5% strain is needed before stress-state equilibrium is achieved.
g] shifts to higher temperatures as the strain rate is increased, the apparent yield strain was found to be consistently in excess of 5% strain for low strain rate testing of the plasticized HTPB and the plasticized Estane, but it is not possible to accurately determine the yield strain or yield stress in polymeric materials because of stress state stability issues inherent during the ring-up in SHPB testing [16].
It confirms that the free hydroxyl sites on the TDI-BA-coated silica participate cooperatively with the liquid HTPB to the bulk polymerization process during the compounding of the thermoset materials.
The NCO/OH ratios for these experiments have been established only on the basis of the hydroxyl groups found in the HTPB liquid prepolymers.
Evonik will market HTPB under the brand name POLYVEST HT and with it the company is extending its polybutadienes product portfolio by a further functionalized grade.