HTPEHyperTerminal Private Edition (software)
HTPEHydroxy-Terminated Polyether
HTPEHigh Tech Private Equity GmbH (Duesseldorf, Germany)
HTPEHybrid Temporal Processing Elements
HTPEHughes Two Phase Evaluation
HTPEHattrick Transfer and Player Evaluation (online game)
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Using real time-PCR, we measured expression of GREB1 and PGR after treatment with [10.sup.-8] M [E.sub.2] (for mER[beta]1 and mER[beta]1 + mER[beta]2), [10.sup.-7] M [E.sub.2] (for mER[beta]2), or [10.sup.-6] M DPN, BPA, HTPE or Gen.
Effect of HTPE on LPS-Induced Vascular Permeability in the Lung.
Effect of HTPE on LPS-Induced NO Production in the Lung.
Effect of HTPE on LPS-Induced Pulmonary Histopathological Changes.
We evaluated the anti-inflammatory activities of HTPE Using a LPS-induced model of ALI in mice.
Thus, [beta]-(1,3)-(1,6)-glucans in HTPE may have important roles in anti-inflammatory actions and NO production in lungs treated with LPS.
We used HTPE obtained from the whole fresh fruiting bodies of P eryngii.
Dr Matthew Hardy, who headed the research team, said: "HTPE contains the female hormone oestrogen and this appears to turn off testosterone production.