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HTPSHigh Temperature Poly Silicon
HTPSHigh Temperature Polysilicon
HTPSHigh Throughput Pre-Screening (chemical industry test)
HTPSHoly Trinity Primary School (Kowloon, Hong Kong)
HTPSHerson-Todd Prognostic Score
HTPSHigh Throughput Pharmacology System (biotechnology)
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Therefore different HTPS duration is imposed on the melt in barrel.
The Effect of HTPS Duration on Shear Region Thickness
The most possible reason for the formation of smaller skin thickness of PP50 should be ascribed to the shear thinning effect in barrel caused by moderate HTPS duration, which will decrease the melt viscosity and thus shorten the relaxation time of iPP chains.
Therefore, core region is primarily chosen to investigate the effect of HTPS in barrel on the microstructure development of the sample.
Clearly, our results agree well with the aforementioned studies, that is, increasing HTPS duration in barrel will certainly enhance the nucleation density.
In order to quantitatively investigate the effect of HTPS duration on the [beta]-iPP formation, 2D-WAXD experiments were carried out layer by layer.
That is, it generally keeps a constant value no matter what the depth is, which means that HTPS has faint effect on [X.
With the further increase of HTPS duration, [beta]-iPP formation is restrained in PP200, which proclaims that the number of metastable nuclei is steadily decreased.
The Effect of HTPS on the Mechanical Property of iPP
The new reflective HTPS panels are based on the proven, reliable structure used for transmissive HTPS panels.
The C2 Fine technology that enabled high contrast ratios in transmissive HTPS panels has been optimized for the reflective HTPS panels, and Epson's unique planarization technology is used to make the reflective layer almost perfectly flat so as to control the scattering of light.