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HTRHome Theater Receiver
HTRHeated Towel Rail
HTRHire to Retire
HTRHome Theatre
HTRHigh Temperature Reactor
HTRHarvard Theological Review (Cambridge, MA)
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HTRHockey Trade Rumors (fan website)
HTRHeavy Tactical Rifle (H-S Precision, Inc.)
HTRHemolytic Transfusion Reaction (blood transfusion)
HTRHunter: the Reckoning (White-Wolf game)
HTRRegistered Horticultural Therapist
HTRHealth Transition Review (journal)
HTRHellenic Technology of Robotics
HTRHonda Türkiye AS (Turkish car manufacturer)
HTRHow to Reproduce (software defects)
HTRHeavy Technical Rescue (fire services; Virginia)
HTRHigh Technology Rotor
HTRHousehold Tracking Report
HTRHardware Trouble Report
HTRHack the Razr (website)
HTRHorticulture Therapist Registered
HTRHit the Roof Recordings (UK)
HTRHonda Trouble Report
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After determination by the MoEF, the community is then required to submit a management plan to their local government in order to receive, in the case of HD, a Permit of Village Forest Management (Hak Pengelolaan Hutan Desa/HPHP); for HKm, a Permit of Use of Community Forest (Izin Usaha Pemanfaatan Hutan Kemasyarakatan/IUPHKm); or for HTR, a Use Permit for Timber Forest Plantation (Izin Usaha Pemanfaatan Hasil Hutan Kayu Hutan Tanaman Rakyat/IUPHHK-HTR).
Several naturally occurring HTR sequences have been identified to date.
It was dim and foggy when I tested the HTR at Angeles Ranges (AngelesRanges.COm), and I did notice a difference between it and some of the other scopes I shot that day in terms of light transmission.
O diametro do caule do trifolita 'Flying Dragon' e dos hibridos HTR - 051, TSKC x CTTR - 002 e TSKC x CTSW - 041 e TSKC x (LCR x TR) - 059 foram inferiores ao dos demais.
HTR began when horseback riding was suggested to Jean Baum as a form of therapy for her then 9-month-old daughter, whom doctors said might not walk.
In present work, a novel helical tube reactor (HTR) consisted of a helical tube and charging component using as inlets of different reactants.
What's perhaps more significant, however, is that it offers the bow in four models: The HTR (pictured here) for hunters because it has more speed thanks to its 6 5/8-inch brace height and three TRG target models: the TRG 7,8, and 9, with the numbers indicative of their respective brace heights.
This transaction follows the company's acquisitions of HTR and Merlon in September 2013 and Questek in April 2014 and its licensing agreement with Ireland and US based Lincor Solutions, a leader in patient engagement technology platforms.
The Mathews NO CAM[TM] HTR ($1,099) is one of two new-for-2015 bows showcasing the company's innovative NO CAM ST[TM] Technology, which uses two circular and concentric string tracks to create a balanced system with an ultra-smooth draw cycle and straight and level nock travel.
In addition, the effect of L-THP (10 and 15mg/kg) on serotonergic (5-HTergic) neuronal pathway activation was studied by measurement of 5-HT (80 [micro]g/10 [micro]l/mouse)-induced head twitch response (HTR) in mice.
HTR allows us to dramatically shorten the product development cycle time.