HTSAHome Theater Specialists of America (trade organization)
HTSAHeat Treat System Assessment
HTSAHost-Tenant Support Agreement
HTSASeaman Apprentice, Hull Maintenance Technician Striker (Naval Rating)
HTSAHigh Throughput Screening Assay
HTSAHigh-Temperature Solar Array
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Recent months have justified the Survival Trust's actions and there has been an equally Lazarus-like revival in the fortunes of HTSA.
There are now six HTSA objectives; reinforcing the association's commitment to Huddersfield Town; the club, its supporters and the local community.
The weekend's window of opportunity was also put to good use by HTSA who used it to finalise arrangements for the "Women at the Game event which is drawing closer, please visit htsa-web.
HTSA spokesman James Chisem said: "We are happy to accept donations of tinned foods, dried goods, toiletries, sanitary products, pots, pans, bedding and winter clothing, so long as they are unopened and in date.
At a very reasonable PS10 for HTSA members and PS14 for non-members (including 12 months free membership) you will struggle to find a better deal.
As in previous seasons HTSA is keen to provide comfortable and affordable travel to all supporters fortunate enough to get their hands on these golden tickets.
Ninety one per cent of participants, meanwhile, said that they would recommend HTSA membership to family and friends.