HTSCHigh Temperature Superconductivity
HTSCHarris Technical Services Corporation
HTSCHigh Temperature Superconducting Cable
HTSCHughes Technical Services Company
HTSCHotel Temple Square Corporation (Salt Lake City, UT)
HTSCHuman Tumor Stem Cell
HTSCHigh Temperature Superconductor Circuit
HTSCHuman Tonsil Stromal Cells
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The knowledge of optimal PMG and HTSC dimensions is essential to design SMB for various applications.
Additional HTSC development work in microwave devices is currently being carried out under the sponsorship of DARPA, SDIO, NASA and the three services.
By mid-1987, HTSC had been discovered in a ceramic yttrium compound with a transition temperature ([T.
Recent progress in HTSC materials has been achieved in electrical performance, i.
Tenders are invited for Dismantling of HTSC 243 & HTSC 248 in Lines marudur section
To demonstrate the potential application of HTSC to microwave devices, a low phase noise oscillator using an HTSC resonator as the stabilizing element was built and tested.