HTSEHigh-Temperature Steam Electrolysis (method)
HTSEHawaii Time Share Exchange
HTSEHSBC Technical Services Europe
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He said Titan HTSE is a light powered watch which doesn't require a battery and works on any light source while 'Garden of Eden' collection has been inspired by flowers, birds and dragonflies and is studded with Swarowski crystals.
The high temperatures and power requirements for HTSE exclude nearly all the primary energy sources except the very high temperature nuclear reactor (VHTR), one of the Generation IV reactors currently under development (Schultz et al 2005).
As with the HTSE, VHTR is the primary energy source of choice due to the high temperatures required for the decomposition of sulfuric acid.
One of the major R&D effort focuses upon experimental and theoretical studies on the planar solid oxide cell-based HTSE (Herring et al 2007).
LCA of the HTSE coupled to a VHTR for hydrogen production was performed by Utgikar and Thiesen (2006).
Bengaluru, Karnataka, July 6, 2011 /India PRwire/ - Add panache to your persona with HTSE (High Tech Self Energized), a collection of self energizing light powered watches from Titan.