HTSFHard-Target Smart Fuse
HTSFHow to Successfully Fail (gaming)
HTSFHigh Technology Small Firm
HTSFHuman Test Subject Facility (US NASA)
HTSFHybrid Thin Slot Formalism
HTSFHigh-Temperature Superconducting Filter (physics)
HTSFHealtone Sound Formulas
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Only 6 cents out of every dollar raised goes towards HTSF operating expenses, which include: telephone, website maintenance, office supplies, tax preparation, and application processing.
For further information on the HTSF or to obtain an application, visit: http://www.
The Harbor Truckers for a Sustainable Future fully supports achieving cleaner air and other measures aimed at reducing pollution, and we are working to find a better alternative to the TRP initiative which will achieve those environmental goals without eradicating more than 10,000 jobs," said HTSF President Roger Ramirez.
The Port Commissions have already postponed a vote on the controversial plan and ordered an economic impact study prompted by the urging of HTSF members.
HTSF is encouraging port and city officials to carefully consider the voice of all the affected constituents, especially the Latino community.