HTSHHuman Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone
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Tenders are invited for Supply of consumable items for the equipment,Free T3 Assay,Kit,Hypersensitive HTSH,Folate kit,Ferritin kit,Reaction Vessels,Wash Buffer,FT4 Calibrator, namely Automated Immunoassay Analyzer, Mode- ACCESS 2 Based on Chemiluminiscence, Make- Beckman Coulter International S.
Structure-function relationships of pituitary hormones HFSH, HLH, and HTSH.
Tenders are invited for Inspection & Repair of LTRH & ECO-1 & 2 & HTSH Coils for Two Units of Stage-I Boiler (2X 500MW) in FY 2015-16 & 2016-17