HTSLHigh Temperature Storage Life (semiconductor reliability test)
HTSLHoneywell Technologies Solution Lab
HTSLHead Tissue Simulating Liquid
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In the second part, HTSL aging stress is used to investigate IMC diffusion kinetics and determine the apparent activation energy ([E.sub.aa]) for IMC growth.
Wire Test type Test conditions type PdCu HAST (3.6 V Bias) 130[degrees]C, 85% RH Au HAST (3.6 V Bias) 130[degrees]C, 85% RH PdCu UHAST (Unbiased) 130[degrees]C, 85% RH Au UHAST (Unbiased) 130[degrees]C, 85% RH PdCu TC -40[degrees]C to 150[degrees]C Au TC -40[degrees]C to 150[degrees]C PdCu HTSL 150[degrees]C, 175[degrees]C, 200[degrees]C Au HTSL 150[degrees]C, 175[degrees]C, 200[degrees]C Wire [t.sub.first] [t.sub.50] [t.sub.63.2] [beta] type (hr) ([eta]) PdCu 1817 3593 3849 5.06 Au 1553 2584 2752 4.96 PdCu 3000 8971 10124 3.44 Au 4000 9222 10189 2.82 PdCu 7000 12544 13301 5.79 Au 6000 11982 12922 4.72 PdCu N/A N/A N/A N/A Au N/A N/A N/A N/A Table 2: Summary of IMC diffusion kinetics and activation energies comparing Au and PdCu ball bonds used in 110 nm device packaging.