HTSOHellenic Transmission System Operator (Greece)
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PPC said that, in fact, the company has no overdue payments to HTSO and has not requested a payment deferral.
Bulgaria's emergency electricity exports for Greece was executed under a preliminary mutual assistance agreement between ESO and HTSO.
Bulgaria is actually compensating Greece as the Bulgarian electricity operator had actually owed HTSO a total of 1250 MWh of electricity that it received as emergency aid from Greece in October and November 2010.
These include: the exclusion of the company in tenders for new capacity conducted by HTSO during 2006; (7) a further unbundling of the PPCs accounts; and the introduction of a new Grid Code in May 2005--to be progressively implemented until 2008--allowing for more competition at the generation and supply levels, through the development of a wholesale market where all electricity generated will be traded.
Moreover, ensuring the independence of the network operator, by moving HTSO entirely into government or private ownership, would reduce the PPC's ability to discriminate.
Consider moving HTSO into government or private ownership to ensure the independence of the operators.