HTSPHealthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies (intervention program; USAID)
HTSPHigh Tech Self-Providing Economy
HTSPHighway Traffic Safety Programs (Michigan State University)
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Following these activities, ESD and FOMWAN were interested and learning more about how the information on HTSP and FP was received and in identifying any additional opportunities or gaps for future programming efforts.
A starting point was randomly selected in each target LGA and the FOMWAN members visited every other compound until they had each discussed HTSP and FP with approximately 30 women.
FOMWAN members invited the women and men to tell them what they knew about healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy (HTSP).
The specific HTSP messages and the benefits of HTSP, however, have only recently been introduced.
As FOMWAN members demonstrated, the HTSP messages can easily be integrated into ongoing outreach and community education efforts, especially those that reach women whose mobility is limited such as women who live in traditional communities or younger wives.
The HTSP messages, which emphasize the health of mothers, children and families, may help imams to present a caring and sympathetic image to their followers.
If young married women increasingly perceive that the majority of their peers are using FP to delay and space pregnancy, and also understand and approve of the health benefits of FP and HTSP, this may contribute to efforts to increase FP use and spacing behaviors among the community at large.
This small-scale activity in Kano suggests the possibility of a positive reception to the information on HTSP and FP and its benefits for both women and children.
* A very clear focus on the importance and health benefits of HTSP and FP, especially for young married women where rates of mortality and morbidity are high;
Since ESD ended in September of 2011, it can no longer support further activities for FOMWAN and the religious leaders to promote FP and HTSP in Kano State.
The approach of orienting religious leaders to the health and social benefits of HTSP and its link to Islam's recommendation for women to breastfeed for two years can easily and inexpensively be rolled out to Islamic religious leaders across the country
* While HTSP information is being positively received, there are still information gaps and concerns that were revealed in the compound level discussions.