HTSSHierarchical Threshold Secret Sharing (cryptology)
HTSSHomogeneous Ternary Solvent System (chemistry)
HTSSHealth Team Stereotyping Scale (survey; health personnel)
HTSSHierarchical Tree Substructure Search
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Regarding the method of choice to test BE in combination, the High Throughput Screening Synergy Assay (HTSS) developed by Zhang et al.
So, considering that improvements in the scale and sensitivity of synergy identification techniques would lead to a higher number of synergistic combinations, we herein present the results of application of the HTSS assay to mixtures of BE with terb against T.
HTSS recorded a pre-tax loss of pounds 1.67m in the year to June 2009, after an pounds 860,000 profit in 2008.
During the year, HTSS invested pounds 1m - with assistance from central government - in a slitting line at its St Helens site which it says will enable it to attract new customers and increase its staff.
It is the fifth of a series of six ships ordered by MOL, all marking the world's first application of 47 kgf/mm2 HTSS in a merchant ship.
Over the past year, the current densities of HTSs have steadily increased in magnetic fields of interest to applications.
The HTSS software was selected after careful evaluation because of its flexibility, speed and precision.
Use of the new HTSS, which has successfully achieved toughness in addition to increased strength and reduced thickness, will not only contribute to improvements in weight reduction and fuel efficiency, but also increase the reliability of the ship's hull.
The latest data on critical current density for certain thin-film HTSs are in excess of 1 x [10.sup.7] A/[cm.sup.2].