HTSSHierarchical Threshold Secret Sharing (cryptology)
HTSSHomogeneous Ternary Solvent System (chemistry)
HTSSHealth Team Stereotyping Scale (survey; health personnel)
HTSSHierarchical Tree Substructure Search
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As a result of the application of HTSS assay to six combinations per extract followed by 3D response-surface methodology, several BE with synergistic or additive activity were detected, which represented a much higher percentage of hits that we might have obtained using a single combination, therefore broadening the possibilities of taking advantage of the chemical diversity that Baccharis spp.
The application of HTSS assay to mixtures of 44 extracts of Baccharis spp.
These results clearly show that the study of non-antifungal Baccharis extracts in combination with terb by using an HTSS assay with less stringent conditions that the previously reported (Zhang et al.
The HTSS software was selected after careful evaluation because of its flexibility, speed and precision.
Originally developed by Peter Bruck, Zoltan Nagy and Sandor Kozics, HTSS is available both as a database management PC package and as a VAX and IBM mainframe product.
Use of the new HTSS, which has successfully achieved toughness in addition to increased strength and reduced thickness, will not only contribute to improvements in weight reduction and fuel efficiency, but also increase the reliability of the ship's hull.
The container ship will be built at MHI's Nagasaki Shipyard and Machinery Works while the HTSS steel plate will be produced at Nippon Steel's Oita Works.
The 47 kgf/mm2 HTSS is the world's highest strength steel plate for the hull of commercial ships.
Nippon Steel has developed the new HTSS by applying its Thermo-Mechanical Control Process (TMCP) technology, a production process that concurrently enhances strength, toughness and weldability of steel through hot rolling and online water-cooling.
One of the features of the new HTSS is excellent weldability* equivalent to 40 kgf/mm2 HTSS.