HTSTHigh Temperature Short Time
HTSTHigh-Temperature Short-Time Treatment
HTSTHigh Temperature Storage Test
HTSTHalifax Town Supporters Trust (UK)
HTSTHarmonic Transition State Theory
HTSTHigh Threat Survival Training
HTSTHigh-Throughput Screening Technique (biological analysis)
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However, the 1.2-[micro]m and 1.4-[micro]m microfiltered milks surpassed 20,000 CFUs per mL after 14 days, while the HTST milk, with only a 2.56-log microbial reduction, lasted for 49 days.
In succession, the juice was pasteurized via UHT, LTLT, and HTST treatments, respectively.
Extrusion-cooking, as HTST method, seems to be one of the best methods for obtaining the maximum nutritive value of several plant products [32].
Ademas, los procesos termicos estudiados en este trabajo son los mas utilizados en la industria lactea: 75[grados]C durante 15 s (HTST) y 65[grados]C durante 30 min (LTLT).
Electrol Specialties Company (ESC) designs and manufactures Clean in Place (CIP) systems, spray devices, transfer panels, valve manifolds, UF systems, HTST systems, batching systems, and other custom skid-mounted liquid process equipment.
According to Miles, these desires have "contributed to an increased interest and demand on continuous flow thermal sterilizers and pasteurizers (HTST and aseptic processors)." Although "Continuous thermal processors have not traditionally been used in the pharmaceutical industry because of the need for guaranteed sterility," the technology has "evolved and now generates millions of gallons of sterile products in other industries each year.
Fortunately, the bacteria can be destroyed through high-temperature-short-time (HTST) pasteurization but milk can also be contaminated post-pasteurization.
Production capabilities at the facility, re-named Alix Technologies, include bottling, hot fill (HTST) processing, cold fill (batch pasteurized) processing and turnkey formulations.
Pulsed electric fields (PEFs) are a non-thermal processing technique for liquid foods and could be considered an alternative preservation method to high-temperature short-time (HTST) pasteurization.
Today, there are two widely used pasteurization methods: low temperature/ long time treatment (LTLT) and high temperature/short time treatment (HTST).
High temperature, short time (HTST) heats milk to 161 degrees Fahrenheit for just 15 seconds, and is most widely used in the U.S.