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HTSUSHarmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States
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Tariff engineering minimizes the duty of the imported item by tweaking its design (Travis, 2013) to reclassify the item's HTSUS category to reduce the duty rate.
Customs Service is responsible for administering the HTSUS, including classification of imported goods, collecting duties, ruling on country of origin, enforcing requirements of other federal agencies, etc.
20 of the HTSUS to include the spiral-ring and ring-bound day planners imported by Mead.
INDA will continue its efforts to have additional breakouts adopted before the next publication of the HTSUS.
As Ken Read of Baxter Converters, El Paso, TX, has emphasized, the explanatory notes to the HTSUS clearly describe the differences between paper products and textile products and base the difference between the two types of products on the amount of cellulose or textile fibers contained in each-not th manufacturing process used in their production.
Further, merchandise that falls within the scope of this proceeding may also be entered into the United States under HTSUS subheadings 7606.
Department of Commerce International Trade Administration Enforcement and Compliance Subject carbon and alloy forged steel fittings are normally entered under HTSUS 7307.
1000 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS), while the B99 product is currently classifiable under HTSUS subheading 3826.
Tires meeting the scope description may also enter under the following HTSUS subheadings: 4011.
The products subject to the scope are currently classified under the following HTSUS subheadings: 4011.