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HTTHead to Toe
HTTHot to Trot
HTTHyper-Threading Technology (Intel)
HTTHyper Text Template
HTTHyper Threading Technology
HTTHow-to Tip
HTTHappy to Translate (UK)
HTTHuman Touch Technology
HTTHypertext Template (Microsoft Windows file extension)
HTTHuman Terrain Team
HTTHolier Than Thou
HTTHyper Transport Technology
HTTHarsco Track Technologies (West Columbia, SC)
HTTHaitian Textile Group
HTTHigh Throughput Testing (statistics)
HTTHigh Temperature Tunnel
HTTHoukago Tea Time (band)
HTTHarley Tech Talk (online forum)
HTTHead Thrust Test (clinical test for vestibular organ dysfunction)
HTTHarris Tag and Title (Stevensville, MD)
HTTHome Television Theatre (A/V technology)
HTTHold That Tiger (song title)
HTTHighly Transportable Terminal
HTTHonda Tuning Team (The Netherlands)
HTTHeavy Tactical Transport
HTTHeat Tempering Tank
HTTHeterojunction Tunneling Triode
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Continuing with the relative likelihood example, some individuals declare that HHH is less likely to occur than the equally likely sequence HTT because you are less likely to get three heads and no tails than one head and two tails.
Educational benefits were demonstrated as the faculty member and students reviewed the HTT in pediatric clinical orientation.
However, HTT IZ5 realized that sending most, if not all, of the team into a company HQs at a combat outpost (COP) or joint security station (JSS) would strain the resources of the unit to support them.
Once in country, HTT members work with provincial reconstruction teams, civil affairs and large command groups to help facilitate an effective transition.
The Carbon Trust supported the initial development phase of the HTT system and Aeristech was also awarded R&D grants totalling [pounds sterling]500,000 to produce a prototype.
27) Recently, an HTT was able to provide a company commander with tribal mapping and market flow information for the specific area of operation, which gave the commander a valuable overview of the interrelationship between different tribes.
Endosperm FW data were taken at the time of endosperm preparation for FCM; nine endosperms (three kernels per petri dish x three replicates) per HTT were weighed to determine endosperm FW.
Working methods: The ward teams and HTT nurse manager prepared a care plan for each patient, frequently using a domiciliary visit to identify the objectives for rehabilitation at home.
The use of simulations is another way that HTT is cost efficient.
Brno appears to be a particularly good target for HTT, as the Hyperloop system could lighten the load of the city's public transportation system.
Prior to option exercise, Isis will oversee the discovery and development of an antisense drug targeting HTT protein.
com)-- HTT Studio is proud to announce the launch of their privacy protecting app for iPhone.