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HTTAHybrid to the Antenna (wireless infrastructure)
HTTAHawaii Technology Trade Association
HTTAHalf-Time Teaching Assistantship (India)
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HTTAHonda Transverse Twins Association (motorcycle group)
HTTAHeat Treatable Tungsten Alloy
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HTTAHawaii Table Tennis Association
HTTAHellenic Table Tennis Association (Greece)
HTTAHampshire Table Tennis Association (UK)
HTTAHarlow Town Twinning Association (Harlow, Essex UK)
HTTAHighway and Traffic Technicians Association
HTTAHighways and Transportation Technicians Association (Hong Kong)
HTTAHow to Travel America (website and book)
HTTAHolier Than Thou Attitude
HTTAHighlands Trout Triangle Association (South Africa)
HTTAHaving Taken Title As (real estate transactions)
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The commercial products HTTA (purity >99%, Fluka), HP (purity >99%, Fluka) and PAR (p.a., Fluka) were used as received.
The solvent extraction of the lanthanoid(IH) ions with HTTA and HP alone in CH[Cl.sub.3] has been studied previously [21, 22].
As the lanthanoids extraction with PAR alone is negligible under the experimental conditions of the present study, the values of the distribution coefficient D obtained experimentally are the sum of [D.sub.T,S] and [D.sub.T] or [D.sub.P,S] and [D.sub.P] ([D.sub.T] and [D.sub.P] are the distribution coefficients due to the lanthanoid extraction with HTTA or HP alone under the same experimental conditions).
The offices of business accelerator HiBEAM, the HTTA and University of Hawaii's Connections program line the Ewa wall of one of the firm's floors.
HTTA, formed in 1999, serves as a voice for the different sectors in Hawaii's technology industry.
HTTA has been conducting "speak-out" sessions trying to get input from the industry.
HTTA believes in a proactive approach and currently sponsors K-12 internship and mentoring programs in Hawaii schools to encourage and foster interest in technology.
HTDC willing to hand site over to private sector when HTTA or qualified private company ready to pick up cost (original plan to have Chamber of Commerce operate web site didn't work out, but several private firms showing interest).
Formed in September 1998, the HTTA is the first organization created by local tech companies to foster working business, financial, educational and governmental environments for the state's fledgling technology industry.
While raising awareness and aggressively marketing Hawaii's still-youngish tech industry to mainland and international players is key to HTTA's mission, providing businesses already here with the best possible environment to grow and thrive is the organization's immediate goal.
With the technology industry fraught with more fragmented sectors than state government, HTTA organizers felt regular networking opportunities would help its diverse membership not only get to know each other, but more easily band together to work on common industry-related issues and interests.
HTTAS (huntingtin antisense) is a natural antisense transcript at the HD CAG repeat.