HTTDHigh Temperature Thermal Desorption
HTTDHard to Treat Diseases, Inc. (biotech company)
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This asset, along with the underlying testing documents, is confidential, not available to competitors, and HTTD has taken extraordinary steps to maintain its confidential nature and contents.
In addition to our proprietary formulation and various compounds, referenced in the provisional application, HTTD also acquired and holds the worldwide (except Korea) marketing rights and license to manufacture, use, market, distribute and otherwise to commercialize Tubercin(R), which includes Tubercin(R)'s issued patents in the following countries:
King, CEO of HTTD, commented, "HTTD's value and goals have been strengthened with the provisional application.
The strategic reason for selling the assets was to remove a non-core business division, which will allow HTTD to focus exclusively on operating as a Bio Tech Company with unparalleled potential.
HTTD will rely on the IFS executives to communicate with shareholders.
Tubercin(R) possesses unique immunological properties that HTTD and its research partners have only just begun to explore.
I intend to keep shareholders informed and to advance HTTD as expeditiously as possible.
The expectation of HTTD is that scientific results recorded by a third party other than those associated with HTTD will further our communication efforts in establishing Tubercin(R) as an immunostimulant for combating cancer.
Due to a nondisclosure agreement, HTTD is not at liberty to disclose more specifics than the information mentioned above.