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HTTPDHttp Daemon
HTTPDHyper Text Transfer Protocol Daemon (web server)
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DoS attacks and its characteristics Attack type Service Mechanism Effect of the attack Apache2 http Abuse Crashes httpd Back http Abuse/ Bug Slows down server response Land http Bug Freezes the machine Mail bomb N/A Abuse Annoyance SYN flood TCP Abuse Denies service on one or more ports Ping of death ICMP Bug None Process table TCP Abuse Denies new processes Smurf ICMP Abuse Slows down network Syslogd Syslog Bug Kills the Syslogd Teardrop N/A Bug Reboots the machine Udpstorm Echo/ Abuse Slows down the network Chargen Table IV.
The Apache Server started as a fork (an independent development stream) of the NCSA httpd, a Web server created by Rob McCool at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.
Our choice was Apache (download from for the flexibility, portability, safety and extensibility.