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HTTPDHyper Text Transfer Protocol Daemon (web server)
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February 23, 1994: Individual patch authors around the world are invited to join the "new-httpd" mailing list to discuss enhancements and future releases of NCSA httpd.
Open source Internet application servers span Apache HTTPD, JBoss, Tomcat and Zimbra, while open source databases range from MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite to CouchDB and MongoDB.
SpringSource University offers a comprehensive set of curriculum and training paths for those interested in the most popular Java development tools and platforms, including Spring, Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTPD, Groovy, Grails, and SpringSource's commercial product offerings.
SourceLabs' Self-Support Suite supports the most popular open source Java and Linux technologies including Apache httpd, GCC, MySQL, Sendmail, and the Linux Kernel among others.