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HTTRHold to the Rod
HTTRHigh Temperature Engineering Test Reactor
HTTRHail to the Redskins
HTTRHigh Temperature Test Reactor (atomic energy)
HTTRHighway to the Reich (gaming)
HTTRHigh Temperature Thermal Radiation
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For example, the range of Rayleigh number based on space width is about 0 < [Ra.sub.d] < 5.0 x [10.sup.9] in the HTTR. Therefore, the amount of transported oxygen depends not only on molecular diffusion but also on natural convection, and it is important to know a mixing process of different kinds of gases in the stable or unstable stratified fluid layer.
Previous studies focused mostly on molecular diffusion and natural circulation of the two-component gas mixture in a reverse U-shaped tube and in a simple test model of the HTTR [8].
The Rayleigh number based on the width of the annular passage of the HTTR or the GTHTR300C will be bigger than two digits of the Ra number based on the width of the simulated apparatus.
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By now, the activity concentration of H-3 in the primary loop has been determined experimentally in AVR, HTTR, and HTR-10 [7, 26].
Nishihara, "Assessment of amount and concentration of tritium in HTTR-IS system based on tritium behavior during high-temperature continuous operation of HTTR," Annals of Nuclear Energy, vol.