HTTSHigh Touch Technical Support
HTTSHamagin Tokai Tokyo Securities (Japan)
HTTSHigh Tech Transactional Services (Atos Origin)
HTTSHarrogate Transport Touring Society (UK)
HTTSHead of Transmission Technology & Spectrum (Nepal broadcasting)
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Between unit rotations, HTTs often provided a valuable store of local knowledge and experience.
The differentials for tumours with trabecular growth pattern include hyalinising trabecular tumour (HTT), medullary carcinoma, follicular (Hurthle cell) adenoma or carcinoma, papillary carcinoma and poorly differentiated carcinoma.
For example, James Dorough-Lewis's chapter, "Investing in Uncertainty," provides a clear illustration of some of the challenges the social scientists faced in the HTTs. We learn about the need to delineate between social scientists and members of the Intelligence Community.
One approach to assessing the capacity to thermoregulate is to expose individuals to a designated heat challenge during exercise, and the Israeli heat tolerance test (HTT) is one valuable tool for use in the laboratory.
Also, JAs should consider incorporating subjective questions regarding local populace opinions and support for governmental efforts into Civil Affairs or Human Terrain Team (HTT) (173) assessments and surveys.
Weekly, it briefed the staff on research and products generated by the HTAT and HTTs in RC East, and every morning sent out a slide of socio-cultural information to provide context for the division staff.
Anthropologists fretted about the ethics of working with the military and balked at serving on the new HTTs, despite fat salaries.
From this, HTTs evolved as elements that could provide this research capability to the BCT level of command for the first time.
At press time, there were already about 15 HTTs operating in Iraq.
The death of three social scientists embedded in HTTs is tragic and poignant because they believed they were doing good--working for a better world, not a stronger America.