HTUAHigh Threat Urban Area (US TSA)
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[section] 1580.101; warrantless inspection authority for TSA and other authorized DHS officials for all rail facilities within an HTUA, see 49 C.F.R.
It subsumes most TIH material transportation regulation within HTUA and requires shippers and receivers to bear most of the regulatory burden, while at the same time shielding railroad carriers.
Conversely, tracking system integrator DP&C Enterprises, LLC, which works with GPS and other technologies, argued in its comments that only new GPS technology allows the near instantaneous "polling" of rail cars, necessary to satisfy DHS's expected requirement that companies provide location data within one hour of a request, and more frequently while in HTUAs. The company suggests that AEI "was implemented for different purposes, at another time, and with different technology limitations."
Whatever technology companies use, it must be capable of giving location data quickly, and at shorter intervals when cars are in HTUAs. Doing so will require active, two-way communication, and it will place heavy power demands on GPS units and transmitters, Boddy says.
cities that are not considered HTUAs and, consequently, are not included on the list.
(5) A list of HTUAs is contained in the Federal Register, Vol.