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HTVHeat Transfer Vinyl
HTVH-II Transfer Vehicle
HTVHamburger Tennis Verband (German: Hamburg Tennis Association; Hamburg, Germany)
HTVHypersonic Technology Vehicle (aircraft)
HTVHyères-Toulon Var Basket (French basketball club; Toulon, France)
HTVHealth, Taste, Vitality (website)
HTVHarlech Television (Wales, UK)
HTVHypersonic Test Vehicle
HTVHrvatska Televizija (Croatian television)
HTVHeidenheimer Tarifverbund (German)
HTVHabitual Traffic Violator
HTVHeavy Tactical Vehicle
HTVHeavy Transport Vehicle (Pakistan)
HTVHoops Television
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"With more than 3,000 HIV-trained Walgreens pharmacists in communities across the nation, we can uniquely support HTV testing, education and care, working towards an end to HIV/AIDS."
Tweli Griffiths, a former journalist for HTV Wales, said: "Gwilym was one of the giants of the Welsh broadcasting world, the Welsh journalistic world...
Divided into three categories, the VICS includes 'A-type station' which will test LTV (Light Transport Vehicles) and HTV (Heavy Transport Vehicles).
Maximum inspection time for HTV, LTV and rickshaws will be 30 minutes, 20min and 15min respectively.
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em was on at 7.15pm, followed by the Mike Yarwood Christmas Special at 8pm, but HTV really came on strong in the evening with Bond classic Diamonds are Forever at 6.45pm, followed by The Morecambe and Wise Show making its debut on ITV.
New Delhi [India] November 26 ( ANI ): The Delhi Traffic Police on Sunday launched a special drive to check fatal accidents of Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTV) on the border areas due to drunken driving during night.
This week's Yesterdays pays tribute to the Culverhouse Cross years of HTV, but also looks back to the origins of the company.
We compared the following three groups of mice: the spontaneous ventilation groups (CON), the low-tidal volume (LTV) ventilation group, and the high-tidal volume (HTV) ventilation group.
He was very supportive when I started my career in HTV.
After the vehicle is released in the orbit, HTV uses a GPS system and Rendezvous Laser Radar to approach ISS for docking.
All the vulcanizate samples were kept standing before testing [24 h for HTV SR and NR, 7d for room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber (RTV SR) at room temperature].
The HTV's maiden flight successfully accomplished the initial objective of shipping cargo to the ISS, and the HTV completed all aspects of its 52-day mission by reentry, it said.