HTVSHigh Throughput Virtual Slit (optical spectroscopy technique)
HTVSHigh Throughput Virtual Screening
HTVSHummer Tactical Vision System (surveillance camera)
HTVSHome Television Satellite System
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HYDERABAD -- The National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) has warned the drivers of heavy transport vehicles (HTV) to desist from loading their vehicles with higher than the allowed weight to avoid penalties.
A vdw scaling of 0.5 was used for nonpolar atoms of both Nek6 and lead compounds from HTVS. (ii) The prime induced fit with refined residues within 3.4 [Angstrom] of ligand poses was carried out.
Table 3 demonstrated the obtained EFs at different level for various scoring function on docked poses with either Glide standard precision or Glide HTVS protocols.
It is having three mode of docking, high-throughput virtual screening (HTVS), standard precision (SP), and extra precision (XP) mode.
With a high-throughput virtual slit (HTVS) licensed from Tornado Spectral Systems, the Apex spectrometers overcome this compromise.
The Survey identified 21 Black Spots in the city where the road accidents involved: motorcycles 58 per cent; HTVs 16 per cent; and cars 12 per cent; buses 7 per cent.
Chinese firm is introducing HTVS line of vertical presses from 60 to 300 tens.
Yet HTVs were efficient only in areas already well endowed with water, and with low person-to-land ratios that would lend itself to intensive, widespread commercial farming.
THE final episode of HTVs Melting Pot features two strong-willed individuals, both trying to bring a bit of their own culture to their Welsh communities.
This is exactly what she does in HTVs new series Fun in the Sun, a new six-part series that gets under the skin of one of Wales most popular resorts, Tenby, seeing it from the point of view of the tourists and those in the tourist business.
"The HTVs will prove technologies for global reach vehicles that can get a payload to the area of interest quickly in support of the joint warfighter," Partch said.