HTWGHigh-Tech Working Group (US and China)
HTWGHigh Temperature Water Generator
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The internal audit team will work in close collaboration with the DI and the HTWG to identify practices that should be changed or improved.
11, HTWG Konstanz, New Seminar Building II, gas, water and drainage systems acc.
HTWG Konstanz, new construction of a 5-storey building with office seminar, seminar and lecture rooms as well as a multi-purpose room.
78462 Konstanz, Winterer climbing, HTWG Konstanz, New Seminar II building, engineering services under Part 4, Section 2 HOAI, investment groups in power installations and telecommunications and information technology systems.
78462 Konstanz, Winterer climbing, HTWG Konstanz Seminar II building construction, architectural services under Part 3, Section 1 HOAI.