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HTYHonolulu Theatre for Youth (Hawaii)
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Soil textures Moisture Collection Location ([double dagger]) rating Blue grama CHC Cactus Hills S-L poor CVY Carberry S poor DGL Douglas S-L poor GDL1 Goodlands S-L poor GDL2 Goodlands([sections]) L fair KGR Kruger fine S-L poor LDR Lauder S poor OAK Oak Lake S/S-L fair RSL Russel thin S-L/G poor S10 Glenboro S poor SDY Sydney S poor Little bluestem BVN Boissevain C/C-L good GWD Griswold S/S-L fair HOL Holland C-L good HTY Hartney S-L/S poor HTY-S Hartney (saline) S-L/C fair HWY Highway S poor INT1 St.
Following a format HTY has used in several such shows, H20 is a musical devised by the entire company.
CHALLENGE Newhill get their game faces on ahead of their match MIG HTY WHITES Lisburn Distillery under-14's preparing for battle UNDERJ PRESSURE Newhill under-14's Cormac Milligan shields the ball from Lisburn Distillery's Peter Freeland BATTLING 3Lisburn Distillery's Taylor Vance and Newhill's Cormac Milligan fight for control of the ball EQUALISER J Padraic McCormick came up with an important goal for Newhill under-14's at the weekend CLOSING J IN Newhill's Rob Hamilton puts James Tumlinson under pressure
0001 from the previous payment and HTY will pay a distribution of USD0.
Calilt Courage, adapt: HTY Company; dir: Eric Johnson.
0191 per share; and HTY will pay a distribution of USD0.
Call it Courage, adapt: HTY Company; dir: Eric Johnson.
Before taking the helm at HTY in mid-May, Johnson was a visiting professor and performing arts coordinator at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Penn.
HTY has committed considerable effort to promoting partnerships with other not-for-profits and increasing the number of public performances to encourage families to share the theatre experience together.