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The excitement in my marriage isn't ruined because I live with my hubby. On the contrary - it has increased.
The hubby likes to cook, and I must say that he thinks about what to serve and cook with much enthusiasm that sometimes I have to remind him in jest that it's only breakfast.
She, and by extension her hubby, appear to be two-timing Ted Cruz, the GOP prez candidate who earlier last year listed the DeLemuses as members of his 2016 leadership team.
Abbey's | |light-lighthearted hearted present present from hubby from hubby Peter - a Peter - a calendar calendar
For a while none of us could even mention his name without blubbing - after all it was Blue that brought us together when hubby used to walk him as a pup past my house on a summer evening.
In response to the letter 'Latest discount offer was a real eye-opener' (7DAYS, September 3), my hubby had LASIK done about 18 months ago (with a voucher).
Progressive ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's showed where it stood when it released "Hubby Hubby" ice cream in 2009 when Vermont legalized same-sex marriage, ABC News reported.
Normally I'd agree and sympathise that, yes, in fact moving is hellishly stressful but KK and her hubby have an army of people to organise it all for them.
Summary: Katy Perry gives a decisive indication that her relationship with estranged hubby Russell Brand is over after unfollowing him on Twitter.
The wife says: "I could really go for an ice cream cone." Hubby replies: "I'll get you one." Wife says: "You'll forget, you'd better write it down."
Today Bevan's career was in tatters after she admitted 11 counts of obtaining personal information illegally in her hunt for a hubby.
" Please make her feel nice as it is her first venture," requested hubby Khan.