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(10) Guy Hubin, Perspectives tactiques (Paris: Economica, 2003); and Les engagements futurs des forces terrestres (Paris: Armee de Terre, 2010).
The store, created by Betty Tian Ping (who originates from Hubin), is a way to both share the technique of cattail plaiting with the world, and also to preserve her local community in Shandong, as well as their ancient traditions which are fast becoming lost in a heavily modernized world.
The 12th annual Basic and Clinical Psychiatry Conference of the Chinese Society of Neuroscience and Psychiatry (CSNP) will take place at the International Hubin Hotel (5 Qingnian Road, 180 Yingze Avenue, Yingze District, Taiyuan city, Shanxi Province, China) from June 25th to 27th 2015.
blessing and fortune and represents good things," said Yin Hubin, an ethnology researcher with the China Academy of Social Sciences, a government think-tank.
camera (COLOR, WIDESCREEN, HD), Eric Kress; editors, Audrey Simonaud, Nicolas Trembasiewicz; music, Nathaniel Mechaly; PRODUCTION DESIGNER, Sebastian Inizan; art DIRECTORS, Nanci Roberts; SET DECORATOR, Linda Spheeris; COSTUME DESIGNER, Olivier Beriot; SOUND (DOLBY DIGITAL), Stephanie Bucher, Frederic Dubois; RE-RECORDING MIXER, Bucher; SPECIAL EFFECTS SUPERVISOR, Philippe Hubin; SPECIAL EFFECTS, Big Bang; VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISORS, Simon Descamps, Paul Briault; VISUAL EFFECTS, Digital Factory, MacGuff, Exlair, Fotokem; STUNT COORDINATOR, Mark Vanselow; fight CHOREOGRAPHER, Alain Figlarz; LINE PRODUCER, Michael Mandaville; ASSISTANT DIRECTORS, Trent Dempsey, Ludovic Bernard; casting, John Papsidera.
Changes in society and the economy have allowed fathers be considered more than breadwinners (Hubin, 2013).
Abdul Aziz AlSugair, Chairman of the Board of STC, added: "The establishment of thesatellite hubin partnership with Arabsat will support our capabilities to deliver cutting-edge and reliable services to our clients."
As Donald Hubin points out, Humeanism and behaviorism are distinct theses (2001: 451-52; 460-61).
(210) See Donald Hubin, Parsing Paternity: The Legal Foundations of Fatherhood (2003) (manuscript on file), for such a defense.
(There is a tradition behind this, of course, a very French tradition, going from Baudelaire to Reverdy to, today, Hubin, Jaccottet, Vidal, Leveque, and others -- this, despite manifest modal divergence.) It somehow does not seem right to speak of writing such as this as an act and place of experimentation, but it is certainly true that Carnet a accompanies, parallels, and even dovetails with both the obsessions and manners evident in L'incoherence or Rapides.
Hubin, The Moral Justification of Benefit/Cost Analysis, 10 ECON.
I would like to thank David Wasserman, Jim Swindler, Earl Spurgin, Don Hubin, and Ken Itzkowitz for their suggestions and comments.