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This interaction can be expressed using empirical vulnerability curves (Quan Luna et al., 2011), mathematical--decisional models (Pascale, Sdao, and Sole, 2010), heuristic rules (Birkmann et al., 2013), physical vulnerability curves (Kang and Kim, 2015), quantitative vulnerability functions (Fuchs, Heiss, and Hubl, 2007), expert knowledge systems (Bell and Glade, 2004; Zezere et al., 2008), numerical modeling (Llano-Serna, Farias, and Martinez-Carvajal, 2015) and quantitative estimation of vulnerability that are based on scenarios that consider different kinematic intensity models (Li et al., 2010).
(2003) verificaram, por meio do teste de indice de iodo (metodo de Hubl), que moleculas de diversos acaricidas misturados com oleo vegeral, entre os quais o cyhexatin, foram incorporadas por ligacoes insaturadas do oleo.
Research with adults has generally indicated that interventions can successfully improve the emotion recognition ability of those who have learning disabilities, (McKenzie, Matheson, McKaskie, Hamilton, & Murray, 2000), intellectual disabilities (McAlpine, Singh, Ellis, & Kendall, 1992; Rydin-Owen, Drake, & Bratt, 1999), high-functioning autism (Bolte, Hubl, Feineis-Matthews, Dierks, & Poutska, 2006), or acquired brain injury (Guercio, Podolska-Schroeder, & Rehfeldt, 2004).
Other discoveries like CAT scan and postmortem neuroanatomical studies have revealed extensive brain damage in schizophrenics (James et al., Hubl et al., as cited in Lahey, 2007).
Using MR diffusion tensor imaging, Hubl et al (22) identified white matter changes in the arcuate fasciculus of schizophrenia patients prone to hallucinations, compared with healthy controls and patients who had schizophrenia but not hallucinations.
His team includes Mark Gordon Hubl, the 2005 Austrian mid amateur champion, mid amateur matchplay master Josef Doppelhofer, plus the 2004 winner, big-hitting Hans Quickner.
Probit regression has been used to model a number of binary variables, including economic assistance received from families (Jayakody, 1998), adolescent cigarette use (Yarnold, 1999), returns home from and re-entry to out-of-home care (Courtney, Piliavin, & Wright, 1997), recidivism (Rosenthal & Rosenthal, 1991), payment of child support (Brown, 1995), fathers' visitation with children (Brown, 1995), choice of political candidate (Wattier, Daynes, & Tatalovich, 1997), whether a dental visit was made (Wiley, 1985), and participation in legal gambling (Albers & Hubl, 1997).
(18.) Ford JM, Dierks T, Fisher DJ, Herrmann CS, Hubl D, Kindler J, et al.