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It is somewhat peculiar, therefore, that he did not make use of Tertullian's De baptismo in which he famously asserts, "according to the circumstances and disposition, and even age, of each individual, the delay of baptism is preferable; principally, however, in the case of little children." (183) All told, Hubmaier mentions Tertullian on four separate occasions: Treatise, Hubm. work Source reference Theol./eccl.
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337/40-397): The only time Hubmaier cited Ambrose is in support of the view that faith must precede baptism, claiming that the bishop of Milan believed the "external ceremony" (eusserlichem) and "human repetition" (mensclien nachsprechung) of the baptismal rite does not affect anything, but instead what matters is the "heart and the confession of faith" (Hertzen vnd bekennen des glaubens).(205) Treatise, Hubm. Source reference Theol./ commentary work patristic/Hubmaier eccl.