HUCALHuman Combinatorial Antibody Library
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Custom anti-CD54 and anti-CD86 antibodies from a non-animal source were produced for XCellR8 (HuCAL, BioRad) using phage display (Knappik et al., 2000).
Pracht et al., "HuCAL PLATINUM, a synthetic fab library optimized for sequence diversity and superior performance in mammalian expression systems," Journal of Molecular Biology, vol.
Provincia de La Pampa, Carro Quemado, 36[grados] 28' 00" S, 65[grados] 19' 60" O (CAC 25); Hucal, 37[grados] 46' 00" S, 64[grados] 01' 60" O (CAC 42, CAC 51, CAC 61, CAC 79, CAC 91, CAC 95, CAC 113, CAC 155-CAC 157, CAC 191, ademas de 28 restos); La Florida (CAC 33, CAC 115, CAC 153, CAC 180, CAC 193, CAC 207, CAC 441, CAC 57 b2, ademas de 8 restos); Lihue Calel, 38[grados] 01' 60" S, 65[grados] 32' 60" O (CAC 4, CAC 14, CAC 23).
Eight-year-old Adrian Hucal from Stoney Creek, Ontario is one of eighteen finalists in the Sunlight Eco-Action Kids Awards, a program that recognizes kids who are making a difference when it comes to the environment.
In addition to programs pursued jointly, Novartis has accelerated its plan to internali MorphoSys's leading human antibody technology, HuCAL, at its research sites and the option agreed in the original contract.
Under the extended agreement, Centocor has the option to elect up to 30 disease-related target molecules, against which the two parties will develop fully human, optimized antibodies using the HuCAL GOLD(R) technology of MorphoSys.
MorphoSys will generate this antibody using its proprietary HuCAL GOLD technology.
Guselkumab is a fully human anti-IL-23 monoclonal antibody developed by Janssen, and was generated utilizing MorphoSys's proprietary HuCAL antibody technology.
TJ202/MOR202 is a monoclonal antibody derived from MorphoSys's HuCAL antibody technology.
El sureste del Territorio pampeano constituia una extension de aproximadamente 1.000.000 de hectareas, comprendidas entre los departamentos de Guatrache, norte y este de Hucal, oeste de Utracan y sur de Atreuco, cuya poblacion alcanzo a finales de la decada de 1920 los 35.000 habitantes.
The total cash consideration of EUR53m (USD70.3m) includes the purchase price, a EUR5m compensation for cash reserves in the AbD Serotec companies and a license payment for the use of the HuCAL technology in the research and diagnostic markets, Morphosys said in December, when it unveiled the agreement.