HUD-VASHHousing and Urban Development-Veterans Administration Supportive Housing
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After reports surfaced last month that VA was considering reallocating HUD-VASH funds for general purpose use, Senator Murray joined her colleagues on the Senate appropriations subcommittee in a letter to Secretary Shulikn urging him not to move forward with the change in policy.
Please vote "no" on HB 12345 and keep the HUD-VASH voucher program intact.
The Village Crossing location falls under the HUD-VASH program and is held to specific housing quality standards.
While case management may be different from psychotherapy, the potential for providing services to groups of clients rather than clients individually may be particularly pertinent to examine as HUD-VASH programs grow and staff seek to deliver more efficient clinical services.
The Senator noted HUD-VASHs proven track record of effectively pairing HUD rental assistance with case management and clinical services provided by the VA, which has contributed to a nearly 50 percent decline in veteran homelessness since 2010, along with the effective end of veteran homelessness in Bergen County, New Jersey in August 2016, and reiterated the VAs obligations.
At present, more than 6,500 veterans with HUD-VASH vouchers in hand can't find local housing options, which is where you come in.
Since vouchers are hard to come by, you'll need to find the HUD-VASH office as soon as possible and place your name on the list.
From intake to referral, the referring clinician may be central; from referral to signed treatment contract, the HUD-VASH case manager is central; from signed contract to receipt of voucher, both the HUD-VASH case manager and the public housing authority are involved; and from receipt of voucher to housed, the HUD-VASH case manager, the veteran, and landlords of prospective apartments are all extensively involved.
This is the first of two rounds of the 2011 HUD-VASH funding.
HUD-VASH Demonstration Program for Homeless and At-Risk Native Vets: Allocates $40 million for new HUD-VASH vouchers, a demonstration program offering permanent homes and supportive services to Native American Veterans who are experiencing or risk experiencing homelessness.
Last year, 60,000 veterans were saved from eviction by SSVF and 63,000 veterans are housed right now under HUD-VASH.
8 million, the HUD-VASH funds will provide housing and clinical services for 1,120 veterans who are currently homeless in the U.