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Mr Patrick Acheampong takes his turn: Mr Hudu, have you got a good memory?
Although he looks brave with his well-built muscles as he sits behind the witness table before the Justice Emile Short Commission of Inquiry, little was it known that Hudu Seidu was in his fifth stage of confusion.
Mr Hudu, who happened to be a victim of the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election violence, led the commission through his five levels of confusion he underwent on January 31, 2018.
Q: Mr Hudu, what you are telling the commission is that, on your way to the constituency, you got lost and was directed by a small boy you were in a taxi with.
Video is being played: Mr Hudu talking in a video to someone in the form of an interview:
Q: Mr Hudu, do you know where this video was taken?
In my view, this suggested case is amply vindicated by the Shishuo xinyu entry that lists Wang's childhood name as Hudu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "tiger cub." (30) The only remaining technical difficultly is the Jin shu statement that Wang died in 377 at the age of 73 sui, which would give his year of birth of 305, not the following tiger year 306.
Theophilus Sedofu, Mohammed Latif, Muzamil Munil and Hudu Fuseini said they came to provide security for their party agents.
In the chairmanship race as a whole in the Ashanti Region, 78 percent of delegates from the sixteen constituencies rooted for Alhaji Hudu Yahaya.
Films to be shown at the festival include "1991," "Al Qatt," "Bilal," "Zeina's Cake," "Luba Colors," and "Hudu Mountasaf El Layl."