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HUEHanoi University of Education (Vietnam)
HUEHiroshima University of Economics (Japan)
HUEHuman Universal Energy (meditation)
HUEHealth Understanding and Education (journal)
HUEHeater Unit, Electric
HUEHospital Universitario Esperanza (Guatemala)
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And these--the dreams--writhed in and about taking hue from the rooms, and causing the wild music of the orchestra to seem as the echo of their steps.
Her dresses, badly chosen as to their hues, were perhaps not badly made, but were certainly badly worn.
From it are deduced not only the hues but the forms of all objects incumbent.
Her hair, for example, seen under the large garden hat that she wore, looked almost as short as the hair of a man; and the color of it was of that dull, lusterless brown hue which is so commonly seen in English women of the ordinary type.
Midsummer eve had come, bringing deep verdure to the forest, and roses in her lap, of a more vivid hue than the tender buds of Spring.
Where this green and flowery splendor terminated, the shaft of the Maypole was stained with the seven brilliant hues of the banner at its top.
As we glance again at the Maypole, a solitary sunbeam is fading from the summit, and leaves only a faint, golden tinge blended with the hues of the rainbow banner.
Even at a small party, the company was a pleasure to behold; the richly varied hues of the assembly in a church or theatre are said to have more than once proved too distracting for our greatest teachers and actors; but most ravishing of all is said to have been the unspeakable magnificence of a military review.
"All that nature yields was there, vying with the rarest hues.
(blue, yellow, red, white, and black), yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen.
The beams of the cold northern moon, mingling strangely with the dawning light, clothe the snowy plains in hues of livid gray.
The inevitable sunlight came streaming in at the windows and shed a ghastly cheerfulness upon the faded hues of the room.