HUFAHighly Unsaturated Fatty Acids
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However, in the late-stage embryos the contribution of MUFA decreased, reaching values more like those of SFA and HUFA (27.
Our goal is to determine the cross-sectional association between cord blood MeHg with measures of fetal growth, controlling for potential effects of co-exposure to n-3 HUFAs, selenium, and IHg, while assessing potential effect modification by sex.
U) ([SIGMA]W3 HUFA 200 mg/gps) (T3) e Easy Super Selco (INVE Aquaculture, Belgica) ([SIGMA]W3 HUFA 400 mg/gps) (T4), asi como la microalga Nannochloropsis oculata sin enriquecedor, como tratamiento control (T5).
6] 2 meses Sangre cel/mL 94,7 24 meses 84,4 9 dias 70,2 16 dias 68,7 Indicador Estresor Complemento ACP Captura (agudo, 5 minutos) (hemolisis) Hacinamiento (cronico) Captura diaria (repeticion agudo) Deficientes en vitamina E y n- 3 HUFAs Actividad de Captura (agudo, 5 minutos) Aglutinacion Hacinamiento (cronico) Captura diaria (repeticion agudo) Linfocitos n-3 HUFAs deficientes Captura Sangre (agudo, 5 minutos) Hacinamiento (cronico) Captura diaria (repecion aguda)
Czesny S, Kolkovski S, Dabrowski K, Culver D (1999) Growth, survival, and quality of juvenile walleye Stizostedion vitreum as influenced by n-3 HUFA enriched Artemia nauplii.
The HUFA diet showed a trend toward decreased depressive symptoms, compared with the other diets, but the difference was not statistically significant.
Algae grown under P limitation often exhibit reduced HUFA concentrations.
Growth and survival of Hippocampus erectus (Perry, 1810) juveniles fed on Artemia with different HUFA levels.