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HUGHHemodialysis Unit of a General Hospital
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But Hugh was as nimble, strong, and swift of foot, as any man in broad England, and it was but a fruitless expenditure of energy, for he had her in his encircling arms again before she had gone a hundred yards.
Softly, darling--gently--would you fly from rough Hugh, that loves you as well as any drawing-room gallant?
Joe, however, took down the lantern and lighted it; and arming himself with a stout stick, asked whether Hugh was in the stable.
After a few moments, Hugh came staggering in, stretching himself and yawning according to custom, and presenting every appearance of having been roused from a sound nap.
growled Hugh, rubbing his eyes and shaking himself.
said Hugh with a glance at young Willet, so slight and momentary that the scowl it conveyed was lost on all but her.
His dress,' said Hugh, looking at her keenly, 'like--like any of ours now?
Hugh admitting that he never had, and moreover that he couldn't read, Mrs Varden declared with much severity, that he ought to he even more ashamed of himself than before, and strongly recommended him to save up his pocket-money for the purchase of one, and further to teach himself the contents with all convenient diligence.
Bra Hugh, as he was affectionately referred to in the creatives, passed on January 23 in Johannesburg aged 78.
The son of champion trainer and bloodstock breeder Bernard van Cutsem, Hugh was around the royals as a boy as his father trained thoroughbreds for the Queen.
Hugh, 55, said: "It's like Animal Magic was when I was growing up, but the CGI or whatever they use, they can move their mouths and stuff, has improved so much that it's great.