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HUGHHemodialysis Unit of a General Hospital
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At this, Maypole Hugh burst into a roar of laughter, and passing his arm about her waist, held her in his strong grasp as easily as if she had been a bird.
'You had as good be kinder to me, Sweetlips,' said Hugh. 'You had, indeed.
'Hugh,' cried the panting girl, 'good Hugh; if you will leave me I will give you anything--everything I have--and never tell one word of this to any living creature.'
But Hugh was as nimble, strong, and swift of foot, as any man in broad England, and it was but a fruitless expenditure of energy, for he had her in his encircling arms again before she had gone a hundred yards.
'Softly, darling--gently--would you fly from rough Hugh, that loves you as well as any drawing-room gallant?'
Joe, however, took down the lantern and lighted it; and arming himself with a stout stick, asked whether Hugh was in the stable.
After a few moments, Hugh came staggering in, stretching himself and yawning according to custom, and presenting every appearance of having been roused from a sound nap.
'What fellow?' growled Hugh, rubbing his eyes and shaking himself.
"'And you dare to tell me this to my face!' roared old Hugh.
He was a dashing young fellow, and a political crony of old Hugh. No doubt he would be at the dance that night.
Fortunately old Hugh did not come to the door with him.
"Hugh," she protested, "don't you think you're carrying principle almost too far?