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HUGIHurry Up and Get Idle (Intel processing feature)
HUGIHuman Urinary Gastric Inhibitor
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Michael Hugi (Swiss Gemmological Society) took the audience on a photomicrographic journey exploring the boundaries of inorganic and organic origin for different gem materials.
Taeryun pulgyo mun-hwa yon'guw6n (Seoul: Taeryun pulgyo munhwa yon'guw6n, 1998), 727-67: Pak Hae-dang, "Chogyejong ii popeongsol e taehan pip'anjok komeo," Ch'Orhak sasang 11 (2000): 51-74: and Kim Yong-Cae, "Choson hugi pulgyo ui Imje popeong kwa kyohak chont'ong" (PhD diss.
Von Beseler, Hugi and Kolb arrived back at Special Camp XI little more than an hour after exiting the wood at Ruperra.
Chong Okcha, Choson hugi Choson chunghwa sasang yon'gu [A Study of Choson Chunghwa Thought in the Late Choson Period], (Seoul, 1998), 100-85.
Stage III lymphedema is considered rare in patients with breast cancer (Harris, Hugi, Olivetto, & Levine, 2001).
Harris Susan R, Hugi Maria R, Olivotto Ivo A, Levine Mark for the Steering Committee for Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Care and Treatment of Breast Cancer.
7% to 62% in patients with breast cancer (Tobin, Lacey, Meyer, & Mortimer, 1993; Harris, Hugi, Olivotto & Levine, 2001), and between 6-30% in other reviews (Petrek & Heelan, 1998; Pain, Vowler, & Purushotham, 2003).
1954: Switzerland 2 Italy 1 - Seeded Italy were bullied by Switzerland who, in front of their own fans, won a bruising battle thanks to a Josef Hugi goal.
Peruvian performer Hugi Suarez conjures up a teeming cast of characters on a bare stage (Fri 8pm).
There's a lot of effort going into planting exotics but not too much into saving the native birch forest that once covered our country," says Hugi Olafsson, spokesman for the Ministry of Environment.
Electric Lightwave is a great company to work with," says Joanne Hugi, director of University of Oregon computing.
37) Then, after Thjalfi's loss in a race against someone called Hugi, Thor is challenged to drain the drinking horn.