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HUGOHuman Genome Organization
HUGOHuman/Gorilla (conflict)
HUGOHydrographic Upgrade to Oceanis
HUGOHurry Up Get Out
HUGOHolland Users Group for OS/2
HUGOHacettepe University Go Club
HUGOHighly Unusual Geophysical Operation
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When the bottle claims Claude's life, Hugo continues to tend the clocks while stealing food from the shopkeepers without attracting the attention of the station inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen).
It's 1931 when we meet the orphaned young Hugo (Asa Butter-field) hiding inside the clock of a spectacular Paris railway station.
Those peepers, which at times seem to fill the entire frame, invite ands into a spirit of shared voyeurism, as Hugo spies on the characters passing through each day with the same fascination with which we all watch movies.
The key design objective was to illustrate the handcrafted pure, natural luxury that the Hugo Naturals brand represents, and the design and color palette were created accordingly with great attention to every detail.
Lahrs defined Turkey as an important market for Hugo Boss, and said the brand entered Turkish market with its spring-summer collection in 1989.
Claus-Dietrich Lahrs, CEO and Chairman of the Managing Board at HUGO BOSS AG, noted: "This acquisition is a central component of our global growth strategy which relies on increasing own retail in key markets.
Implementing the latest-generation store concept integrating rich walnut backdrops, stainless steel and lacquered magnolia shelving, the new store boasts of signature materials representing the sophisticated, contemporary and luxurious HUGO BOSS look.
Hugo is preferably looking for new owners who have had dogs before but could live with older sensible children.
On the American continent, HUGO BOSS gained 3% over the year in the reporting currency (on a currency-adjusted basis the upturn was as high as 10%), generating salesof EUR 307 million (2007: EUR 298 million).
Entrevistado por Proceso, el directivo afirma que durante los 16 meses de trabajar al frente de la Seleccion Mexicana, Hugo Sanchez obtuvo un salario mensual de 100 mil dolares.
In a richly detailed opening section, Roche argues that Hugo did not rely on archetypes and melodrama to reinforce ethical truths amidst a post-Revolutionary desire for any moral imperatives which could uphold social norms.
New York-based Hugo Neu, which holds a 26 percent stake in Sims Group, is considering the sale of some or all of its stock in the company as one option.