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Al Islam Wa Usul Al Hukm was criticised by many and continues to be dismissed, though it should be venerated as a unique work of erudition.
The first part of the hukm as mentioned in ayat 12 of this Surah Al-Hujuraat which says: "O you who believe
A este modelo de relaciones politicas, Yasin lo denomina hukm al-sura, es decir, el "gobierno de la sura" o suracracia.
Mystical styles of expression among North Indian faqir: Nara as a manifestation of hukm.
The difference between contextualization and contextualism is the difference between choosing 'maqasid' as the main criteria for understanding the TEXT--Qur'anic or Prophetic--or the combination of sabab/illah, hukm, and maqsad altogether as methods for understanding and interpreting the TEXT.
Hayal ettigi siyasi sistemde 'Milletin vekilleri, ustunluk saglamak veya hukm etmek maksadiyla birbirlerine girmeyecekler; ortak gayelerine hizmet icin yekdigerine yardima kosacaklar'dir.
Early commentators on the Qur'an understand hukm and its derivatives to refer only to God's (moral) judgment (Ar.
7) KSS No 71: 118, Belge: 291 Bu konulu ile ilgili olarak Seyhulislam Ebussuud Efendi'nin yayimlanmis fetvalarinda su ornek verilmektedir: Mesele: Zeyd-i zimmi bi-inayetillahi te'ala Islama gelmekle evladinin kac yasinda oluncaya degin Islamina hukm olunur?
Hukm of Talfiq in Various Branches of Fiqh (furu' al-fiqh)
If you believe that the kuffar has no sanctity for his life and wealth and that this is a battlefield--dar al-harb--what is the hukm [ruling] to live among them and how should you live your life?
He wrote al-Aqwal al-qawimah fi hukm al-naql min al-kutub al-qadimah (The Just Verdict on the Permissibility of Quoting from Old Scripture) to defend his use of the Hebrew Bible and the Gospels in interpreting the Qur'an.