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HUKSHokejowy Uczniowski Klub Sportowy (Polish: Pupils' Hockey Sports Club)
HUKSHelsinki University Knowledge Services (Helsinki, Finland)
HUKSHunter-Killer Submarine
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KERGUELEN, MARK BOAT reports last call from Cymena freighter(Gayer Tong Huk & Co.) taking water and sinking in snow-storm South McDonald Islands.
I am almost positive that when the Huk leader, Luis Taruc, surrendered, Magsaysay would not have imprisoned him had the Americans, fearing the growing communist threat, not pressured him.
There were few details about the military campaigns of the Huks, except for an occasional ambush and defensive skirmishes when the army found their way into the forest.
He refused to operate against Huk rebels in Tarlac when he was the governor of the province.
Lansdale bucks the bureaucracy, ignores protocol, and cultivates a deep understanding of the country, its people, and the grievances igniting the proto-communist Huk rebellion.
The early COIN literature included works by Filipino Napolean Valeriano, and Americans Charles Bohannan and Edward Lansdale, all of whom participated in counterinsurgency against the Huks. (4) These authors recognized the legitimacy of insurgent grievances against abuses of power and economic inequities, but opposed the Huk endgame of communist-led revolution organized by a new regime in Manila.
The Huks who now blocked Nellist's way were led by a squat man wearing jeans and a castoff US Marines blouse.
Amazons of the Huk rebellion: Gender, sex and revolution in the Philippines
I was out of the country when Luis Taruc, the heroic guerrilla and Huk leader, died.
That dramatic start reflects the injustice Huks went through.
Not only did the militant Left emerge from disarray or defeat in the past, as for example the Sakdalistas, who reappeared as Huks, who reappeared as NPA, each time with renewed popularity and increased following, Since the early 1990s many varied organizations have taken up the cause of the oppressed, often working openly, forming NGOs, participating in elections, demonstrations, and defying - or cooperating with the government.
Filipino democracy should have been a shining new hope for Asia, but it wasn't, because a group in Central Luzon calling itself the "People's Anti-Japanese Army," or the "Huks," were ready to communize the former colony.