HULCHuman Universal Load Carrier (exoskeleton; trademark of Berkeley Bionics)
HULCHand and Upper Limb Centre (Canada)
HULCHull University Labour Club
HULCHolbrook Ultralight Club (Australia)
HULCHouston United Lacrosse Club
HULCHarvard University Linguistics Club
HULChighly up-regulated in liver cancer
HULCHarker United Library Club
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Hence, in this research, we aimed to explore the effects of HULC on rat secreting pituitary adenoma GH3 cell line viability, migration, invasion, apoptosis, and hormone secretion, as well as miR-130b expression.
Zhang, "Molecular mechanism of HEIH and HULC in the proliferation and invasion of hepatoma cells," International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, vol.
We first found that multiple lncRNAs achieved a higher accuracy than single lncRNA with sensitivity of 0.898 (0.82-0.944) versus 0.862 (0.825-0.892), specificity of 0.886 (0.845-0.916) versus 0.805 (0.76-0.844), and AUC of 0.94 versus 0.902, suggesting that existing an effective lncRNA panel such as RP11-160H22.5, XLOC_014172, and LOC149086, or Linc00152, RP11-160H22.5, and XLOC_014172, or HULC and Linc00152, or uc001ncr and AX800134, or PVT1 and uc002mbe.2 could perform combined diagnosis of HCC (Figure 4(a)).
Wu et al., "CREB up-regulates long noncoding RNA, HULC expression through interaction with microRNA-372 in liver cancer," Nucleic Acids Research, vol.
(g) The activity and expression of miR-372 are repressed after getting binded with HULC. Target mRNA of miR-372, that is, Prkacb (cAMP- dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit beta), level is increased in response to mi-372 reduction [127].
Out of these, a few of the noteworthy ones were the XOS series from Raytheon, Lockheed Martin's HULC and Millennium Jet's Solo Trek XFV.
Currently, the market offers several variants including Lockheed Martin's HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier) and Raytheon Sarcos's XOS family of systems with additional models in development with government agencies around the world.
The HULC exoskeleton, which was intended to help troops carry heavy loads, but did not support body armor, was last tested by the Army in 2011, but was not fielded.
Developed by Ekso Bionics and licensed to Lockheed, the Human Universal Load Carrier (Hulc) is being tested by the US military.
The Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) being developed jointly by Lockheed Martin and the Army is a wearable robot with leg braces that transfer weight from a soldier's back down to the ground.
lncRNA HULC is one of the most upregulated of all genes in hepatocellular carcinoma.
All you need is an eBay account to acquire military surplus hardware such as an aero system jet pack, a Lockheed Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC for short - and this real-life Iron Man suit really does endow the wearer with the power of a Hulk) as well as a costume made of that phenomenally strong bulletproof material graphene - and you're halfway there.