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HULDHardened Unit Load Device (aviation)
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In contrary, Huld and Anderson [6] reported that leaf area index of chrysanthemum grown at 83 plant [m.
Belgian comic writer Herge was inspired by a Danish Scout named Palle Huld who, aged 15, won a contest to re-enact Phileas Fogg's circumnavigation of the globe in the novel Around the World in 80 Days.
Recordemos por ejemplo al patetico comerciante Block, humillado hasta lo inaudito en su entrevista con Huld,
Huld, who passed away this year, had been a red-haired 15-year-old boy with freckles and a snub nose, when he entered a competition in early 1928 to mark the centennial of the celebrated author Jules Verne.
Neanderthal Adikor Huld does not at first notice that the Homo sapiens woman interested in his man-mate does not want to conform to his world's customs regarding when to spend time with the opposite sex.
The whole goal is to do what's best for kids and make sure they're being served and they have a teacher who's going to take care of them," Huld said.
With: Jon Thor Birgisson, Orri Pall Dyrason, Georg Holm, Kjartan Sveinsson, Hildur Arsaelsdottir, Maria Huld Markan, Edda Run Olafsdottir, Solrun Sumarlioadottir.
De lade den jungfrun I svarta mull,--I midsommar tiden--och sjalva gud fader vat henne huld.
His portrayal of the bedridden, ineffectual, but tyrannical advocate Huld ('grace') seems to satirize those religious systems (especially Christianity) that interpose a mediator between oneself and the ultimate authority, whether the latter is God or one's conscience.
under the direction of Poul Huld, enjoyed a career at Tivoli's Pantomime Theater, where she partnered young Erik Bruhn in his teenage debut.
s uncle turns up at the bank to advise him to consult the eminent lawyer Huld ("Grace" in German).