HUMANNHybrid Unsupervised Multilayer Artificial Neural Network
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Indeed, I feel quite sure, from the cut of his clothes, they are made by a first-rate Paris tailor -- probably Blin or Humann. He was rather too pale, certainly; but then, you know, paleness is always looked upon as a strong proof of aristocratic descent and distinguished breeding." Franz smiled; for he well remembered that Albert particularly prided himself on the entire absence of color in his own complexion.
Along with a dark ocellus and the blue on the pectoral fin, this individual had faint banding on the sides a pattern often seen in this species (Humann and DeLoach 2004, Robertson and Allen 2015, Froese and Pauly 2017).
Segun Humann & DeLoach (2002), ambas especies son de habitos nocturnos y Wootton (1998) menciono que, de acuerdo a las necesidades biologicas o ecologicas, las especies utilizan diferentes habitats en sus ciclos circadiano o anual.
In "Genre in/and Wright's Native Son," Heather Duerre Humann suggests that "'Native Son resists easy generic classification," possessing attributes of several forms but satisfying the conventions of none (143).
"The most immediate task at hand for PEMEX is to repair the duct," said Agustin Humann, president of the Asociacion Mexicana de Gas Natural (AMGN).
The same seems true of Richard Humann's saltshaker, "Salt of the Earth" (2011).
Sin embargo, para Trinidad y Tobago es senalada como la especie de Strombidae mas ampliamente distribuida, con numerosos individuos solitarios o pequenos grupos que rara vez sobrepasan los 10 ejemplares (Percharde, 1968); en el sur de Florida es considerada comun (Humann y Deloach, 2006), relativamente rara en las Bahamas (Stoner et al., 1992) y marcadamente escasa en las aguas costeras venezolanas (Flores, 1964).
Together with such politically diverse figures as the Turcologist Ernst Jackh, the Orientalist Max von Oppenheim, the left-liberal politician Friedrich Naumann, the journalist Erwin Nossig, and officers like Enver Pasha's friend Hans Humann, Parvus had been among the German friends of the Young Turk regime and of the war party in Istanbul.
I would also like to thank Madison, Ashley, and James Humann for their support and encouragement.