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Today, the list of what we consider Filipino food includes many dishes that are definitely Chinese in origin: lumpia, pancit, humba, chopsuey, among other favorites that have been adopted by generations of Pinoy kusineras.
Warays and Bicolanos prepare humba, dinuguan, adobo, balisoso and ibos.
I'm not really a fan of Humba, but Sands serves the best I have ever tasted--slices of pork belly so tender that the fat jiggles like jelly, bathed in a sticky sauce just this side of sweet with a salty counterpoint from fermented black beans.
Aside from the tamales, we had kare-kare (with macadamia nut sauce), humba, and sisig paella.
They have Sands restaurant where we had a sumptuous lunch from all regions of the country my God, the pork humba and Bacolod kansi were so good.
There's Cebu's Ngohiong, slow-cooked Balbacua and Humba Visaya.
Carigara is known for its pastillas, humba, sundang (machete), and the hubhob, a local delicacy made of grated cassava, egg, kalamay, milk, and sugar cooked inside a bagacay (bamboo pole) over charcoals.
For our second dish, I wanted to give a wink to both my Chinese-Filipino heritage and my current surroundings (the American Midwest), so we made Humba Sloppy Joes with Atcharang Repolyo.
In my case, it was a dry and sticky humba. For someone who is on intermittent fasting and does not eat rice, all diets were off.
"KAON NA" gathered selected Filipino chefs from prominent restaurants, and hotels to serve their best Filipino recipes, including Bicol Express, Cebu lechon, kare-kare, Humba de ronda, and kinilaw.
Whereas Cebu-grown Hukad serves up Filipino favourites and authentic regional dishes like Crispy Pata, Baked Bantayan Scallops, Pork Humba and Lechon Belly that has everyone coming back for seconds.
Lechon reappeared as the main component of Rico's humba, a dish that's perfect for the roast pig's front legs and feet.